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Livestock is a rising sector as its contribution to the national economy is growing continuously. Apart from this, livestock is an active employer of thousands of landless poor, subsistence and semi-subsistence small farmer families. In short, livestock and its products are directly linked to the economy of small and medium-sized farmers. It is a major source of active food and adds significantly to the health, nutrition, and wellbeing of rural as well as urban consumers. Despite the critical importance of the subjected sector, its achievements, problems, and future prospects are not emphasized in the overall developmental plans. In a country like Pakistan, data regarding livestock is not readily available and is mostly scattered. Livestock and Dairy Development Department, Azad Jammu & Kashmir is rendering different services to the livestock sector of the province through its infrastructure network in the field. In addition to the efforts being done at the government level, more focus is required to promote the livestock sector on market-oriented and demand-driven basis both in the public and private sectors for socio-economic uplift of the rural masses for achieving the ultimate goal of poverty alleviation.

To contribute towards the GDP growth, poverty eradication and households food security; a quantum leap in raising
livestock production and productivity to meet rising need of growing population, enhance rural income, public health,
nutrition and overall socio-economic upliftment of the people of AJ&K.
Increase in Productivity of Livestock through: –
 Providing advisory service, better management & health coverage for livestock and poultry.
 Improvement in genetic potential of indigenous livestock.
 Increasing farmer’s income by increased production of livestock & poultry products.
 Capacity building of rural women for their sustainable livelihood through livestock/poultry production.
Focus on promotion of small ruminants.
Encouragement of private sector & rural communities to develop milk collection & processing system.
Development of AJ&K as disease free livestock production zone.
 Microfinance facility to poor farmers through banks for livestock & poultry production
Improvement in feed & fodder.
The area of AJ&K is predominantly having low producing animals and there is potential to improve the genetic
makeup of indigenous (none descript) breeds in order to enhance their productivity for socio-economic
upliftment of the farmer communities.
Potential for the development of small land holders by providing them suitable units of dairy animals would
augment the production of milk and meat in AJ&K for better impact on socio-economic status of farmer
Improved livestock, sheep, goat and poultry farming on commercial and semi commercial basis would open the
avenues for sustainable income generation.
Advancement in backyard poultry farming at household level particularly by the women lot would improve
household income and availability of animal protein in food.
Geographically AJ&K lies in a zone having a high risk of out breaks of different contagious/infectious Transboundary Animal Diseases (TADs), by launching comprehensive disease control programmes per unit animal
productivity would be enhanced.
Enterprise development in private sector in the field of cattle / poultry feed production along with butchery
Poverty reduction as the bed rock of livestock sector policy.
Breed improvement through artificial insemination.
Preservation of gene pool for important animal breeds of AJ&K.
Free disease diagnostic services and health coverage for livestock.
Dairy processing enterprise development.
 Promotion of high yielding fodder varieties.
 Augmentation of Para- veterinary staff services.
 Comprehensive disease control & vaccination program.

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