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Name of the Project       

Calf Feedlot Fattening in Pakistan  (Prime Minister Initiatives) 

Authorities Responsible for Sponsoring

Project will be executed on demand driven basis throughout the country    including Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), Azad  Jammu & Kashmir (AJK), and Gilgit Baltistan (GB)

Provincial Governments L&DD Departments of Punjab, Sindh, KP, Baluchistan, AJK and Gilgit Baltistan will be responsible for execution of the project in their respective areas. Department of ICT will be responsible for execution of the project.


Government of Pakistan through Ministry of National Food Security & Research, Islamabad and respective Provincial Government L&DD Departments.

 Operation and Maintenance

 The project Calf Feedlot Fattening will be sponsored by Ministry of National Food Security and Research, Government of Pakistan as well as respective Provincial Governments L&DD departments, for 4 (Four) years tenure and after completion of the project, models developed during the project will be continued expansions through seeking further funding from Government and donor agencies for next phases and new programs.  Its operation and maintenance will be the responsibility of Provincial/ Regional Livestock and Dairy Development, Departments.



 Project Objective

 The overall project Calf Feedlot Fattening objectives are to increase the quality meat production for local consumption as well as for export purpose. This program mainly focused on providing incentives to the farming community to vertically expand the national production of meat by adopting the appropriate production and health technologies at farm level. This project is specially aimed to fatten the male cow/buffalo in whole country (goat/sheep in Baluchistan province) to increase value added quality meat production on cost effective basis for inland consumption and for export.

Sectoral Objectives

 The Livestock sector occupies a unique position in the economic development of the country. The sector provides net source of foreign earnings, food security, cash income on daily basis, a source of employment generation at rural level, helping to reduce income variability on crop failure due to any reason. It is central to the livelihood of the rural poor in the country and play an important role in poverty alleviation derives and socioeconomic uplift of our rural masses.

 Specific Objectives of the Project

Realizing the current challenges faced by efficient meat production systems such as; lethargic, conventional, out dated, uneconomical and with low output practices for calve raising has led to take  correcting measures by  formulating a calf feedlot fattening  project. As per Economic Survey of Pakistan total population of cattle, buffaloes, sheep, goats and camel was 46.1, 38.8, 30.5, 74.1, and 1.1 million; respectively in year 2017-18. The project will involve  this huge population of available male cows/buffaloes and sheep/goats having  favorable potential of fattening and expanding  vertically the production of value added   and quality meat production adopting widely practiced technique of feedlot fattening in the advanced meat producing countries .The following are the specific objectives  of this project:

Establishing of calf and kid/lamb feedlot fattening farms

Establishment of calf/kids/lambs feedlot fattening farms and their operation applying bio-economically efficient meat production technologies for almost doubling value added quality meat production. This Calf Feedlot Fattening project is planned to encourage private farmers to participate in its activities i.e., to establish feedlot fattening farms of both cow and buffaloes male calve as well kids/lamb feedlot fattening farms where in the most efficient and cost effective feedlot fattening technologies will be applied for increased value added meat production .The project associated farmers will be encouraged and an incentive of Rs.4000/calf will be provided on the successful completion of  100-120 days fattening period and after attaining of body live weight of 200-250 kg at the daily weight gain of 800-1000 gm per day per calf. Similarly Rs.1500/kid/lamb will be provided on successful completion of fattening cycle of 90-120 days and after gaining finishing weight of 45-50 kg.

Evolving and preparation of most appropriate business modules on Calf Feedlot Fattening Systems;

After completion of 3rd year of the project, data on successful feedlot fattening farms will be analyzed on the basis of breed, total body weight gain and their profitability. On the basis of the results, most efficient operating modules will be prepared and disseminated among the farming community for further adoption.

Capacity building of stakeholders for Calf Feedlot Fattening Technologies;

Feedlot fattening of  male calve is a recent phenomenon which is being put in  operation on very limited scale and yet coordinated efforts have to be exercised to make fattening activities popularized in the country. Therefore, government has attached high priority and through Prime Minister’s Initiatives on livestock, feedlot fattening of calve is one of the project identified to be executed throughout the country. Because of its innovative nature, it appears to be of high importance to build the capacity of all stakeholders of the project about feedlot fattening production technology; An operational guideline entitled “Operational Practical Guidelines on Calf Feedlot Fattening” will be published and distributed to all the stakeholders of the project by the LDDB.

Physical Progress Report Calf Feedlot Fattening Project

Report updated up to: 30-06-2022

Province / Region



PC-1 Targets

Calves Fattened in 2019-20 & 20-21

Calves Fattened in FY 2021-22

Total targets achieved in 3 Years

% Achievement

Number of Farmers Supported in 3 Years

Number of Farmers Trained






60 %




Pre-Qualification for FMD Vaccine

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